Replace hard drive in MyBook World blue ring

Hi all,

i have an old MyBook World blu ring, single drive, it was the 500gb version, the hard drive was removed a few years ago an now is missed, but bot the enclusure and the hard drive was working good.

My problem is, can i buy another hard disk and put it into the MyBook World enclosure? What is the procedure to follow?

Thanks in advance

Don’t now if it will work for the single drive model, but on page 43 of the manual you can see the steps to format  a new hard drive.

The 500 GB is a single drive, it is not user serviceable and do not accept upgrades.

So what i can do with the Mybook enclosure? Nothing?

Yes, I think you can:

I plan to use this method for replacing  the 500 GB harddrive in my MBW edition (blue rings, single drive) with a larger disk. I already have a Ubuntu partition in my Mac which makes it easier, but this is not necessary: Ubuntu will run fine from a CD.

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