Replace Hard Drive in My Cloud

Hi all,

Can I replace the hard drive in My Cloud?

I had a 3TB version and the drive died. Being the impatient chap I am I cracked the case open to see if I could fix it. 

In the end I went and bought another one. 

I think it’s just the drive that is no good so thought if I put another drive in the old one I could use that too.

I noticed that the drives have quite a few paritions as well so am unsure of how to do this? I know how to create the partitions. I’m assuming that if I partition off the new drive correctly and put the firmware where it’s meant to go I may achieve it.

So is this possible? I’ve googled and can’t find any information on the subject.

Many Thanks, Cliff

Just found this thread…

Will give this a go :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d let you know it all worked :slight_smile:

Was going to delete the post but thought I’d leave it here with the link for others.

One thing though, being a complete noob when it comes to linux I did not know how to run the fsck command or rezize the partition. When I pluged it in I was only showing 2GB free ! I did a full factory restore and it sorted it all out for me :slight_smile: