Replace Drives for Backup - EX4100 - RAID 10

I have a EX4100 that has been working well for 2 years.
Its configured with four total 8 TB drives in a RAID 10 setup providing 16 TB, with mirror.

I would like to replace one set of these drives to keep off site incase of a fire or some other damage to the building.

  1. I have purchased 2 identical - 8TB drives.
  2. Where can I purchase the drive bay carriages to insert the new drives in?
  3. From my understanding it should be, turn off, replace 1 set, turn on and rebuild RAID. Am i correct?
    Any instruction on where to find this instruction would be great.


Impressive intention. I use an EX4100 configured with RAID10 too.

The EX4100 does not need any carriages for your new disks: just open the two correct drive bays, pull the old disks out and the new disks in.

You may turn Storage->RAID->RAID Profile->Auto Rebuild into the “ON” position before you exchange the disks. Otherwise a “Manual Rebuild” option will emerge, so that you can activate the rebuilding at a time you prefer.

My machine has chosen to mirror bays 1 and 2—and bays 3 and 4. Therefore a try would fail, to renew the disks in bay 1 and in bay 2 at the same time.

But your machine may have another configuration.

Thanks for the input, great info.