Replace Drive on My Cloud PR4100

Apologies if this is a simple Question.
I wish to replace a damaged drive at Bay 3 of 4 on My Cloud PR4100. The disk is Model WDC WD60EFRX-68L0BN1 (6TB).

  1. How in UK do I buy a replacement drive and ensure it is the right model. I find WD site confusing.
  2. How do I remove and replace the drive. I am using RAID 10 and auto build is on.

Hi @danny7,

For replacing an Internal Drive on a Multi-bay My Cloud, it is recommended that the Cloud Storage device is turned off. On the Dashboard, go to Settings then Utilities and click on Shutdown . Once the device is off, keep it that way until the failed hard drive has been replaced. The drive must be replaced with a drive of identical capacity and rating when used in a RAID environment.

For more information on this change, please see: Replacing an Internal Drive on a Multi-bay My Cloud

Also, regarding drive replacement, please contact WD Support:

Have a Great Day!