Replace circut board on MyBookLive 2TB?

My MyBookLive died within warrenty. The drive itself is fine, it’s the circut board on top of it that is the problem.

I’m wondering if I can take the circut board out of a different MyBookLive & use it on my HD? WD say’s is won’t work, but, I have my doubts about this answer.

As a footnote, I can get about 5 minutes our of my drive before the circut board fails. If I put the drive outside my window where it’s cold (I’m in Canada and it’s November) then I can get closer to 20 minutes out of it before it fails, more when it’s windy LOL. So, right now I’m grabbing data as quick as I can. I understand it’s a linux OS on the drive & I don’t have a linux machine & don’t want to set one up.

It’s a gamble swapping those boards and opening the drives voids the warranty. They change those drives frequently so there is no guarantee especially if they were bought at different times and places.  PM a poster here fzabkar he may be able to help you figure out the boards and your chances. He’s the only one that really understands them very well.


If it’s a temperature problem then maybe it’s a mechanical problem and not an electronic problem?

I don’t think so - the only moving parts are the platters in the disk - and it’s when I cool the circut board that I’m ale to use the drive.

Last night I was able to almost all the “non-duplicated” files off it, by prying the circut board aware from the drive a bit (so air could circulate on both sides of the board) and putting it outside my window as usual. It was quite cold & windy last night so that kept the board temp well down.

I’m not under any illusion that operating the HD in close to freezing temps is doing IT any good, but, I suppose if I can get my data off. then SCRUB the drive somehow in my desktop, then I can return it & get another.

might as well get your stuff on and get a replacement.  theoretically you’d be getting a new drive out of it, and you’ve just extended the life of the drive by a year.