Repetitive "Spin Up" Sound

I haven’t had the My Cloud 4TB plugged in for over a year. When I apply power now, I get a flashing light and then I can hear a “whining” sound or the sound of a driver trying to “spin up” over and over again. Almost like it can’t “spin up” enough to get going…

I’ve tried leaving it on for 30+ hours, 4 sec reset, 40 second reset, etc… I feel like it is something else due to the repetitive “spin up” sound…

Anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!

What color is the front LED? Blue, red, white, other?

It’s white or almost yellowish-white…

Do you have it connected to a router? Is it first gen or second gen? One can tell by the p/n number on the bottom of the My Cloud. “-00” is first gen, “-10” is second gen. The front LED color indicator means slightly different things for each version.

I am running a Netgear router. It is a first gen -00

Thank you for helping!

It’s possible the internal hard drive in the My Cloud enclosure has a physical issue. Try contacting WD Support if you haven’t already to see if they may be able to assist.