Repeated disk failures

2 years ago I had a net attached wd drive and it failed within the 1st year of use. Last year I replace it with a mycloud and a qnap nas with 2 2tb wd reds. Week before last one of the 2tb wd reds and the 4tb mycloud failed. I opened the mycloud and found a wd red. I then looked at my stack of old failed drives and found it was dominated by WDs (most external but 2 more internal reds). This year alone all but one of my reds have failed. All either failing to initialise or having lost partitions with large raw space that should be part of a partition. I have an old maxtor from 2004, 5 + YR old Samsungs and
3+yr old Kingstons that all still works. So why does every wd red I own fail in less than 2years? Net research says the wd reds r the most reliable and testing shows a near 0% failure rate for versions 4tb and less. But this is not my experience. I haven’t saved my receipt and I don’t want anyone looking at my data so using the warranty may not be possible. I just want a reliable drive and of all brands I have used, wd (specially the reds) are the least reliable. So mad, now I have to spend hours trying to recover data, spend hundreds of dollars for replacements and even more time setting up my NAS. There goes my next few weekends and all my cash.

@Chris456 Where do you have your devices set up? What is the normal temperature for the location they are in?

I have two WD My Clouds, a 1st and a 2nd generation. 1st is around five years old and the 2nd I have had a couple of years without any problems.


I’m in Singapore. It is hot and humid here 24 hours a day, everyday. There is air con on keeping it less than 24C for maybe 6hr a day. The rest of the time it is about 30C or more

I wish mine would last that long