Repeat all not working in video

Video Setting - Video Playback Sequence - repeat and repeat all not working.
Even if the setting is always on “repeat all”, after playing the first video file playback is stopped, does not pass to the next file. Only if the playback press the “option” and scroll to “play mode” in a circle, play goes in a circle. If you then select another folder and video file in it, “repeat” is not working again, although the settings specified. Firmware 2.7.17 problem is not corrected, reset done.

I would like the video to be playable in the folder one by one (this is very handy when in your many small files such as animated series) and every time they climb into the settings for this. In Live TV HUB, this function does not work properly. 

I apologize for my English.

Please confirm or disprove the existence of the problem

This issue has been discussed few times before. In order for the repeat all to work, you must press PLAY instead of OK when playing the video.

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