Repair Solutions & Vendors for My Book Essential 2TB USB 3.0 (Encrypted)

Hi All,

Who are the vendors or forum members who have experience and specialize in repairing WD My Books? Who charges based on the work that is needed, the work that is done?

My drive is recognized but can’t be accessed - thread here. I’ve read about bad USB ports, corrupt partitions, replacing PCB (boards), switching ROM chips, etc. Obviously there are high priced data recovery organization in our neighborhoods and all over the US. They play on your fear, requirement of “clean room”  expertise, etc. Fees can be extensive even if they only used  software to recover your data.

I’ve read in hard drive forums finding replacement PCB’s and replacing the ROM or other chips to retain the encryption so the drive works again. All I’m trying to do is find someplace, or someone, who is reasonably priced. I don’t mind if someone takes their time. I don’t believe my drive is in that bad of a situation. My drive is recognized and shows a “Healthy Primary Partition”. 

My drive is under warranty but I could care less about a free drive at this point. I want my data back. Thanks.

Since the drive is detected by the computer, you can try using a data recovery software, like Recuva.

You can find a definition of RAW here

Holy cow, I didn’t even notice that on the drive information. Actually, I just had no idea what I was looking at. I suspected the “black” 1MB of unallocated was probably the issue. Thanks.

The drive is corrupt so recovery software like Recuva might get data back Something like TestDisk might fix it  And there is a last ditch thing to try after you give up. Try running the command prompt to convert FAT32 to NTFS that sometimes fixes the partition data.


Can anyone answer the poster’s original question?  I have a 3TB Essential with a bad bridge board.  Are there companies that can deal with the hardware encryption?  Are any of them reasonably priced?  While I have the original data, I don’t mind paying someone a fair price to get it back in one shot rather than spending precious hours to aggregate it all manually again.