Repair 3TB hard drive WESTERN DIGITAL

How to Repair 3TB hard drive It shows only -  1.99TB.???
First this problem does not come From Yours WD hard drive.
All versions Windows -XP ,VISTA ,WIN - 7  suffer Amateurs programmer.

In implication all operational system have - 2TB LIMIT.
 A limit It means that if you buy more huge from 2TB hard drive
Your Windows 7 It will receive only 2TB.

The only that can It helps out to overcome the issue is Linux -2010.
Linux -2010 is purfekt operational system after quick installation
You can separate Yours WD hard drive to 3 pises of 1TB.
Dont Forget to separate on NTFS.

After that install Stupid Windows and Play.
I personali will walk With Linux -2010.

 On WESTERN DIGITAL I will recommend to Give With
Each hard disk CD on Linux.

Georgie M.
From Republic BULGERIA

Most Windows versions now support GPT partiioned disks without problems.

Tons of people using them without any issues…