Renaming icons

I just upgraded from the Legecy to the new WD TV.  I love it and it works well with my WD network hard drives.  I am adding an icon for all my hard drives and can’t tell them apart, they all say “Shared Video”.  Can an update be requested that on the options menu, where it says “Remove from favorites” and “Move” it also says “Rename”?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re talking about?   All of my favorites are named uniquely by themselves.

It’s not hooked up to my computer is hooked up to my TV. But I’ll try to explain it better and if you still understand I can try to get a screenshot. I have five network hard drives. Each of them have movies and TV shows underneath the shared videos folder portion of the hard drive. If I go to each one of them at the shared folder directory and go to options and save it to my favorites on the home screen it shows up as five different folders of shared videos and I don’t know which is which unless I select it and go to that directory. I want to be able to go directly to the folder of each hard drive based on what the name of the hard drive is not shared videos. I want to be able to rename the shortcut to call it what the hard drive is named instead of the default shared videos which is what all five shortcuts are named.

I coudn’t find such an option either, renaming of favourites seemed rather a basic function and I thought it would be there. In the end I had to add a number to the name of each of my video folders on every HDD to be able to tell them apart on my WDTV

Rename your shares to something more meaningful.