Renaming folder and syncing

Hi, My Cloud device works well and all folders sync. I would now like to rename one folder in my PC, will the folder in MyCloud device sync automatically or do I have to upload again (this folder contains a huge number of video files and will take a long time) - just wondering if there is a quicker way?

The easiest way would be to ssh into the device and rename the folder while the sync function is stopped. Then rename it on your PC. But I’m not sure what the sync program would do at this point.


But what does ‘ssh’ mean? I’m new to WDMC. One idea I have is to remove
or stop the sync link in ‘Sync folders’, rename the folder in PC, then
rename the folder in the device. Then restablish the sync link? Will it

SSH is a secure shell. You need to enable it in the dashboard. You will understand a few Linux commands. You will also have to download a program called putty if you have a windows PC not sure what it is called for Mac’s.


Update: I have been able to rename the folders without any problem. What I did was to stop the sync, rename the folders in my PC and device, restart sync. That’s it! (I am using Windows 10)

Update 2: sorry I forgot to mention that after stopping sync, I went into WD Sync settings, removed the link between the two folders, rename the folders, go back to WD Sync settings, create the link between the new renamed folders, then resume sync.