Rename Share folder causes it disappear

On the My Book Live, I attempted to rename a Shared Folder from “firstlast” to “FirstLast” (case difference), and… The folder and all data inside the folder are gone!

Believe it just simply run a “mv xxx yyy” on Linux without any checking…

Fortunately, all my data inside that shared folder are just a backup.  No data lost for me but I would like to alert other users here.


Well, yeah, that makes sense…  If you move a shared folder (rename it) then the Samba configuration no longer matches the folder defined.

But the data aren’t gone, they’re just not going to be visible via network anymore because the configurations are invalid to the new location.

Not really, i don’t rename it in the Linux shell, I did it with the rename function on the WebUI…

Are you running current firmware?  I just tried to reproduce what you describe and I am unable to rename a share by just changing case.  I get an error.