Rename My Cloud Home?


I have a very specific and annoying issue. I use Adobe Lightroom to manage photos on my Mac. Since I have a MacBook with only 128Gb of storage I want to use the My Cloud Home for the storage. In fact, that’s the main reason I bought it.

When I set everything up it happily named the device Nick’s My Cloud Home which I thought was OK. However, Lightroom uses SQL language to manage locations, and that ’ in Nick’s is breaking everything - whenever I try to migrate my photos it fails saying that the syntax of the request is wrong. That’s because it’s putting the ’ in the middle of the the text, and SQL thinks that’s the end of the text.

I can’t find a way to rename or at least remove the '. I don’t care what it’s called - I just need it to be available to Adobe products!

Any help gratefully received.

The My Cloud Home can be renamed user Settings as in the screen listed below.


Once renamed in the settings screen how does it get updated on systems accessing it?