Rename Movie Titles?

I own the WD Live TV to stream MKV’s locally via HD.  It all works very well, however there is one thing that I’d like to do is have the ability to rename the displayed movie title (guessing this is in the metadata somewhere?).  I like to have certain movies group together (ie have all the Die Hard movies start with Die Hard x - name of the movie) so they all show up together, or the star trek movies, or place the word Disney before those so they are together - you get the point.  The only way I found to do this is with custom firmware and movie sheets.  While that is good and can get it to work, I found it very slow, and very cumbersome.  I also found while running this that the WD Live interface got very sluggish - annoying slow.  Is there a way to edit the Movie titles using WD firmware?  Even if I have to manually edit the metadata?

the WD SMP will display files in 1 of 2 ways

the actual name of the file


if an XML is present, it will display the tag from inside the xml

based on the category preferencs you discuss you might even want to consider turning on the media library and sort by genre

which is also a tag in the XML that can be editted manually

you can create your XML’s with thumbgen

and there’s many xml editors available online if you need to edit them

If using the SMP’s Media Library feature, the displayed titles come from the .xml files that get set up when you or unit “gets content.”  I edit the xml files all the time to fix various pieces of info, including sorting.  Mine are stored on a Samba server, but the SMP can also serve out your external drive as a SMB (“windows”) share.  You should be able to connect to that share and edit the .xml files.  See pg. 31 of the SMP manual for more info on setting up the share on the SMP.  Following any editing, you will probably have to go to Settings and clear the Media Library to immediately see your changes.