Rename hidden folder

Hi guys, I need an advice about solving a dumb mistake I did. I was renaming folders and I didn’t realize OS 3 is Linux based. I put dot as a first character in a folder name and now is hidden. I would like to rename it to be visible again. Currently I can access My Cloud only via What options are there? I was thinking if I can access it via command line, list all folders and rename the one I want? Or do I have to access it via Windows Explorer to fix this issue? First named might be time saving to do it, because I can’t map NAS on this computer and need another to do it (it’s a business computer and it has some software restrictions to be visible for other on local network, I was not able to map my NAS on it also). Thanks for help or any other suggestion how to deal with it.

Just change windows to display hidden folders and rename it.

Luckily it has no hurry. In the folder are just some downloads I don’t need necessarily. As I said. It will be time consuming if I use Windows. I had it mapped on my personal computer, but that computer is not working anymore. My parents have some computers, but those are slow and first I need to map it there. Only way I access it is via on my business computer and can’t map it and access it via Windows Explorer on it (company software restrictions). That’s why I was thinking about doing it somehow via command line to avoid wasting time with travel to parents (we are not living together), mapping My Cloud and other stuff to fix it. Anyway thanks. :upside_down_face:

This will mount it using powershell. Only way I know how…
Change to your liking…
$connectTestResult = Test-NetConnection -ComputerName mycloud -Port 445
if ($connectTestResult.TcpTestSucceeded) {
# Save the password so the drive will persist on reboot
cmd.exe /C “cmdkey /add:"mycloud” /user:"root" /pass:"password""
# Mount the drive
New-PSDrive -Name Z -PSProvider FileSystem -Root “\wdmycloud”-Persist
} else {
Write-Error -Message “Unable to reach the Mycloud storage via port 445. Check to make sure your organization or ISP is not blocking port 445.”

Tank you! I will give it a try. From what I know my organisation blocks executing PS scripts, but there is a way how to disable it temporarily. Hopefully it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

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