Rename Backup Files

After a disk crasch I now want to get my data back to Another HD (with another drive letter).

First of all I now have 2 versions of each file, like:

AFI_2018 - Lecture 4 VaR (2018_09_27 19_51_46 UTC).docx
AFI_2018 - Lecture 4 VaR (2018_10_02 17_39_22 UTC).docx

How do I get rid of duplicates?
How do I get back the original name, i.e. AFI_2018 - Lecture 4 VaR.docx


It seems that above files are same which backed up at different time, i.e. backed up at different time (date n time included in the end). You need to manually locate and delete manually these files to get rid off.

But there are 100 000 of these duplicates. Isn’t there an easier way to deal with these? I also want the original file name back.