Rename Android Devices

I have a couple of Android devices from which I access MyCloud remotely. One is a phone, the other is a tablet.
They both appear under the Cloud Access page in Dasboard (under User) as Cloud Devices and connected, but there does not seem to be any way I can give these devices any specific identification. They are both listed under the username (gmail address) and I would like to change to something like “My Tablet” and “My Phone”
Can it be done? The devices don’t appear under the network either (W10) so I’m stumped. Ther is no way to see which is which.
When the devices were originally activated using the 12 digit code there was no facility to name them at that point either.

Hi there,

Normally the specific name of the device wont show up on the dashboard, you can make a suggestion on the ideas board to request this:

If it can be done, it would need to be done within each device. Then the My Cloud might pick it up.

The MyCloud does not present the device names. All my cloud access devices have unique names, but MyCloud simply does not show them. It is rather annoying…

thanks for making that clear.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Guys. I will take ArMak’s advice and post it on the Cloud Ideas board. It seems like it would be a useful function to have.