Removing unwanted metadata/jpgs

tv titles that scraped data using the inbuilt tvdb got the wrong box art so i want to remove all traces of previous scraped data/jpgs and start again using tonys fab tool

‘remove info’ simply gets rid of the metadata but some & not all of the different size jpgs created for that title. the only way i can see of getting rid of these pesky files is by viewing the hidden wdtv folder, locating and manually deleting all related ‘THUMB’ files. is it safe to delete in this way?

Yes.  The WDTV will re-build anything it needs from that folder…  

so if i wanted to be sure i got all related files, i’d disconnect the drive from smp and delete the hidden ‘.wd_tv’ in its entirity, then reconnect the drive to the smp and on next reboot, a new ‘.wd_tv’ folder would be built?


Note that if you delete the whole folder, you’re also deleting the Media Library.   So you’ll lose all of your Ratings / Favorites / “Watched” status

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many thanks for your help