Removing unwanted backups SmartWare 2.1.1 / Windows 7

I have backed up some really huge files that I didn’t need to.  The backups are taking up lots of space on my backup device and I want to simply get rid of them.  If I navigate through the backup destination volume with Windows Explorer, I can find the unwanted backups a couple of subfolders below the “WD Smartware.swstor” folder.  These appear to be the backup copies of the big files I want to get rid of.  Will I cause myself any unexpected problems if I simply delete them?  I don’t want to corrupt an index or catalog or whatever, not knowing how the software works internally to keep track of things.  I’d feel safer if there was a way to delete these from within the Smartware product but I don’t see a way to do that.


Yes, you can do that to delete the files and it wont damage the backup. Please note that if the files still on the computer when the software scans the PC it will backup those files again.

Yesterday I talked to Level 2 tech [Deleted],  He said NO.  If you distrub ANY file or folder it will upset WDsmartare and it will NOT operate correctly.  I have in the past delted files and I think that is why I have had problems.  I asked him to request a way to delete.  he said it currently can not.  See my recent post on how I got my version to properly work again.