Removing passwords from a private share

I have created a share with a password but have misplaced it. I have created users for this share and have set them for NO PASSWORD. I have made the share public and have also tried making it private with user access. The share has a locked icon when I view the share attrubutes.
How can I remove the password from the share or access it from another user.
When I attempt to acces the share a password login window is shown with a Domain name. What is this? I can’t find any way to set or change Domain names.
The reason I need to do this is because I had a head crash on my PC disk. and lost my data. I attempted to use the backup restore feature of the WD Smartware program which I also hade to re-install but it doesn’t show any backups I Have made ( and I most certainly have made them) Is the Backup info stored on my local PC disk and have I lost this info when My disk crashed? Any help would be appreciated.


You should be able to change the share to public and it will disable the password.

Please check the options on the network settings. Also, try using the username and password for the user on the computer if it has one.