Removing Network Location (Windows 7)


I tried to map the public share yesterday and create a network location in the computer menu… I must have entered the wrong drive letter or something, im not sure, but the computer is not connected to it at all. So i mapped the drive again and made a new network location that takes you to the public share on my MBL. This one is connected.

So, what i need help with is this:

I want to remove the unconnected network location from the computer drive menu. I’ve done everything i know how to do to try to do this and have looked through windows help and the MBL manual and cannot figure it out.

If you can, please tell me how to do this.



You mean the mapped drive?

Right click > disconnect 

See, its not connected to it. So when i do that it just gives me an error message and says that it is not connected. What I’m trying to do is remove the disconnected shortcut from the windows explorer menu…