Removing metada in mp4 music videos

Hello I need information about how to remove/delete metadata/tags from mp4 music videos, the problem is that I edit with Itunes on my pc all my mp4 music videos and I do the tag the information Name, Artist, Album and Genre one by one, but WD TV Live Hub doesn’t recognize or show Artist, Album and Genre to video files only for audio files so my library for videos **bleep** because for lack of information, for example before I edit the tags the files appeared like this way Duffy - Mercy (720p Master H.264 AAC).mp4 but after edit tags only appear the name Mercy, by the way if I see the files through my pc they still are seeing like this way file name: Duffy - Mercy (720p Master H.264 AAC).mp4, my question is how I erase the metadata in all my videos? Any help wil be great. Thank you

… that’s because iTunes doesn’t always stored the tags inside the files.  Sometimes it just stores them in the iTunes database.

I think you can use the program MP3tag, which also works with some video files like MP4.

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You might want to try Audio Shell Tag editor which is a freeware shell extension for windows.  Although geared towards music, it does work for editing ID3 Tags in mp4 video files. I started using it specificaly because it works with FLAC and a bunch of formats other than MP3s… Once installed. when you right click (windows) on a media file you get a tab for the editor which allows you to add

Disc #:
Coverart (jpeg)

One thing to note is that if you add coverart the file size changes and will no longer match checksum files (md5, FFp etc) if you care about that.

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thank you for the reply, the mp3tag works flawlessly and i could clean all my mp4 videos previously editied by itunes.