Removing "Live Tv" From Main Menu (Solution)

Have read a couple of posts of people wanting to remove “Live TV” from the Main Menu.

And they have encounted a couple of problems …

Here is a “Theme” Solution … 

SMP Intructions

To install the theme, , open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE9 or 8, there have been issues), then type your SMP’s IP address to open the Web UI.   Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on you SMP press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “NoLiveTV” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.

It’s simply a modified version of   inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml

You can delete whatever Main Menu items you dont want by editing this xml (for the download i deleted the Black and Red code)

<?xml version="1.0"?>               <button valkey="RV_HOME_MENU_NEW_PROMOTE"         name="Special Offers"         normal_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_n.png"         focused_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_f.png"         disabled_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_n.png"/>                         <button valkey="RV_HOME_MENU_LIVE_TV"             name="Live TV"             normal_bg="image/main_tv_icon_n.png"         focused_bg="image/main_tv_icon_f.png"         disabled_bg="image/main_tv_icon_n.png"         animation_format_str="image/tv_icon_%03d.png"         animation_num="34"/>                                   

I discoverd this solution also, my European wd mediaplayer doesn’t allow a theme without some other files, if people have problems with the above file, here is another upload with the same modification, only with some more orginal 1.09 WD firmware files:

My download link contains above contains only 2 files … from which to my understanding of reading the forums is all that is required…

The download  is 2 xml’s zipped at root level with no compression.



I would also suggeest getting rid of these lines:

   <button valkey=“RV_HOME_MENU_NEW_PROMOTE”
        name=“Special Offers”

But Joeys right, you don’t need any more xmls than is required to make your modification.  Anything else will be filled in by the original theme in the firmware.

Nice one, gonna try it. A question though, can I use themes to make the SMP start up under videos > local?

Not sure what you are asking.  If you mean can you make it load directly into the Videos when you boot, then no.  The operation of the SMP is not controlled by themes, operation is controlled by the firmware.

The only things themes do are to change the look, not the operation.

JoeSmyth, you were correct about the files.

Here is a theme solution without the live tv tab and without the promotions options (which is not active at the moment in Europe):

Just 2 files like the original post