Removing individual files

is there a way to remove individual files (and their historical versions) from a backup?  what happens if you go through “WD SmartWare.swstor” and delete the files from there?

You’re on the right track. By going to the backup folder you’ll be able to delete individual files from the backup, keep in mind that if the file remains on your computer it will be backed up again.

thanks Wizer.  my real concern in asking that question regards screwing up any indexes that Smartware might be keeping someplace or the ‘catagory’ size values in the .com.wdc.metadata.xml file that is kept or used as a simple hash check, thus causing Smartware to not be able to restore or crash.  

so, is it a clean delete that will not cause any issues with the Smartsore backup application code?   i have no desire to test this.

Hi there, deleting files from the WD Smartware back up folder will not affect the Smartware functionality, when the two bars display different ammount of files or if  you encounter any other issues with the software, all you have to do is uninstall it and reinstall the updated version from WD web site. You should not worry about loosing any data since performing the update does not affect the information on the drive.