Removing HDD before selling


I’m thinking of selling my older GEN1 MyCloud.
Before this I removed the HDD and keep this one.

Offcourse the MyCloud has got an Platino motherboard on it, Im just curious if this still contains private data, or can I just sell it without my HDD and everything is fine?

I didnt do any reset or whatever before, because I couldnt got connected anymore to this mycloud.

For the single bay/single drive My Cloud, generally all the user data in addition to the firmware is stored on the My Cloud hard drive. One can perform a 40 second reset which should reset the My Cloud back to defaults. But to securely wipe/erase the hard drive would require one to either access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities page and perform a Full Factory Restore, or extract the hard drive and wipe the drive using third party drive erasure programs.

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What DSW is alluding to is the fact that on the GEN1 mycloud; the OS resides on the HDD.

If you remove the HDD; and replace it; you have to go through an “un bricking” procedure to reinstall an OS on the HDD.