Removing files

I use My Book for Mac and have backed up my entire computer. I want to do another back up, but before I back up my computer I want to remove all the files from My Book (which I previously backed up) and start fresh before doing a new back of my computer. How do I remove all the files currently backed up on My Book?


If you want to remove all the previous backups done with WD Smartware you can go into the external drive and delete the backup folder. This folder is called “WDSmartware.swstor”.

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Thank you I will try that.

Here’s another question. Everytime I do a backup does it keep everything from previous backups or does it just reflect what is currently on your computer with each successive backup. The reason I ask this is because most of the items I backed up last time are no longer needed and I only want to backup what is on my computer right now without keeping what I backed up last time.


WD Smartware does incremental backup, this means that after the initial backup is done, it will backup only changes and new files.

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