Removing an array from PR4100

Just purchased a PR4100 and when I set it up I installed a single WD drive and created a JBOD array. I subsequently added 3 10 TB Red drives and created a RAID 5 array, on which I’ve added all the data I need.
The question I have is how I remove the original JBOD array? There doesn’t seem to be a menu option to remove an array. I’d like to remove this drive and add in a 4th 10tb Red drive to expand the RAID 5 array.
Presumably I could just pull the single drive, but I’m concerned that system files and app installations are stored here? Is this the case? What are my options?

Hello kaledi,

Whenever, you reconfigure the RAID configuration on the drive, all the data as well as installed apps will be deleted from the drive.

As per the information given in the scenario, you can pull out the drive and keep it with you and install a new drive in order to add the drive in RAID 5 configuration and install all the system file and applications.

Otherwise, you should try contacting WD Support from the link given below.