Removing a USB Device

The manual says :

“Removing a USB Device
To prevent data loss, it is highly recommended that you first press the EJECT button
on the remote control before removing a USB device.”

Does everyone eject there usb drives when they power donw (5 sec hold) their wd tvs ?  I mean your not removing the usb but all power will be lost so ??

I don’t know about everyone, but I sure do that…  Sometimes, of course, it’s impossible if the box has hung, but in any ordinary situation, I definately do that.

No, and the hard drive was locked!!!   what about portables, 

I do not eject my drives when I power down the WD TV. There is any need to do this? No one will disconnect the drives.


If you do the Hard-Power-Down sequence with the remote, that is the same as if you yank the power cord out.

You risk corrupting the entire HD if you do that when it’s writing to the disk.


WOW, good to know…