Removed HDD from case and put it intern in pc


I have an external wd drive and was irritated by the noise. So I took out the hdd and put in internally in my pc. It is working fine, but I had not disabled wd security before changing it. Så I went to disk management in controlpanel and it wrote that there was a new disk and if I wanted to make it mbr or guid. I chose guid. Then it shows in disk management, but without any partitions on it.

Then I thought maybe I need to connect it to the external box again, but no data either. Is there any way to see the protected partition again to enter my password to recover my data ?

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I believe this is not possible. Lets see what other users can share about this topic.

Nope I guess not, but I managed to recover data from the partition with another program. Took a long time to copy it to a another hdd and then formatted the wd hdd and will copy the data back again to the now wd internal drive.