Remove write protection

how do i remove write protection on my digital western external hard drive? please help

Hi dude!!

Which drive is the one that you have? More details will be helpful :slight_smile:

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Judging by the number of requests regarding removing write protection from WD Passport drives it is a common problem yet no one from WD or anywhere else has come up with the definitive solution

Google is full of request for help on this subject and all the answers say try this or that but none works. My passport is still write protected.  It is about time that WD put the solution on the web or admitted that there is a fault in the hardware and made recompense for it

The OP didn’t bother giving the model whether he was using Smartware or OS. Something simple that sometimes works go in device manager deletl driver disconnect reboot system and plug back in.



Thanks for reply. My drive is Passport Essential, my OS is windows 7 64bit.  I will try what you suggest.


It worked.

 thankyou, thankyou, thankyou