Remove the write-protection or use another disk

I keep getting a message when I try to copy folders to my WD passport via my computer then clicking the drive and trying to drop files/folders into the external drive.  I have unlocked it and tried… I have taken the security off and nothing changed same error message:

The disk is write-protected.

Remove the write-protection or use another disk.

The status of the drive is healthy.  I checked under disk management.   :frowning:

I have even applied sharing privileges to everyone through the advanced settings under properties by right clicking on the physical drive in the my computer window.  Nothing!  Can anyone help!  Has anyone had this problem.

You might need to reformat the driveto get this issue taken care of.

Go into the device manager and find the external and delete the driver. Then disconnect the drive both cables and reboot PC then reconnect drive. Maybe a fresh driver will help. I worked for me on time.