Remove the password

friends please help me. I have wd3200BEVT-75A23T0 hard drive it have locked by a password and i have forgot the password.

Nothing you can do about it.
All you can do is reformat / erase the drive and start over.

I tried to format and partition but nothing after reboot system same condition.:mansad:

Just noticed the part number you referred to in Post 1.

The Scorpio Blue drives don’t have internal password protection.

Since it’s not a drive password, it must be a BiOS or operating system password.

If the master password is still the factory default, then you could try an ATA Secure Erase:


         then please mention a method or a software to me. thenks

I have tried it at many kind of systems like hp desktop dc7600,hp dc 7800, dell optiplex 755 every time it ask for password and didn’t detect inwindows/

Search google for “ATA PASSWORD” and maybe you can find your answer.  

It can be difficult or at least expensive to reset an ATA password, and very difficult to find a data recovery company that will do it for you due to privacy concerns…