Remove Smartware and VCD on a Passport Studio?

Im looking to buy a My Passport Studio, so that I can use the Firewaire 800 connection with my MAC.

How can I remove Smartware and VCD Manager etc completely?

All I want is a bare drive with no software on it at all. I dont want to just hide the software, I want it gone!

Is this possible?

You can get rid of the software by uninstalling it.  You cannot get rid of the VCD.  You can only hide it.  The VCD was made necessary for being able to password protect the drive.

Can the VCD be easily hidden?

How much drive space does it use?

I think it takes up about 400MB on my My Book 2 TB, don’t know if it’s the same on other disks like the Passport. The popup on connect and the virtual CD are quite easy to hide.