Remove Recycle bin share

I’ve had an EX2 nas for a while. Never tried clicking on the recycle bin option in dashboard. Found out when I did that it created a smb share.

When I disabled the share I assumed that the share would go away. Didn’t. Tried to edit the smb.conf file and save it but something keeps changing it back to having a recycle bin share.

The location of mount at !@#$recycle… isn’t found.

So… how do I get rid of that share. Guess I could try to restore to default and see if that get’s rid of it but an easy way would be best.


Try checking all your shares and make sure none of them have the recycle bin option enabled.

I’ll look but I think there is only one slide control on dashboard for recycle. Never saw any per share control.

No mention of it in manual. Ten instances of recycle bin show up in search of manual. Only in General Settings section.

Timothy_G is right. each share also has a check box.