Remove OSD - 1/1 Audio Channel AAC

When I play a video I get a message “1/1 Audio Channel AAC” on the screen for a few seconds.  This is increadibly annoying, is there no way to turn this off?  We purchased this device to run a Kiosk demo video and seeing it everytime a video appears is a pain.  It looks like others hate it too - why is there no option to disable this?

merge (repeat) your demo video several times in any one of video editors and enjoy more times to lose this OSD message.

Yet another workaround. Am I the only one tired of workarounds. Yes, I think we all know we can re-encode, power cycle, reset factory defaults, push the little reset button, remove the wdtv folder, place a filter over the IR receiver, trim our HDMI cables, only use certain HDMI cables, only use certain USB cable, only use certain USB drives, only use certain sizes of USB drives, only use certain file system formats, only use certain drive enclosures, use an older firmware version, use someone else’s firmware altogether, try a differernt video output, try a different TV, try a competitor’s box, try new batteries in the remote, etc. etc. etc.

Actually, I don’t use it anymore so the workarounds don’t bother me much, but I do come here for a laugh every once and a while.

So then, basically, you’re just a troll - here only to stir up trouble.  What an l_-_l !

Hmmm…maybe you’re right. I never thought of myself as such but it is possible. Although…I have posted exactly 200 messages (not counting this post) and have received 79 kudos which isn’t a bad ratio. Trolls don’t get that kind of positive feedback from other people on the forums. So maybe I’m not a troll.

Nah, the kudo number itself is rather meaningless.

You could make one “killer idea” over in the Ideas Lab (whether practical/reasonable, or especially not), and get a large number of Kudos from that… “hey WD… why not make it so we can hack into NORAD from our TVs!!”

Poof!  A few hundred kudos without even blinking.

Or, you can get together with a few friends and sign up for a whole bunch of accounts, and Kudo everything each other says… you can get yourself up to 20-30 kudos in only a few minutes and by only making a few posts (which may not really be informative or useful to anyone else).

It seems that the major use of the kudo system, is to add a “right on!!” anytime someone badmouths WD.  Sure, everyone’s welcome to an opinion, and even to express it, but I don’t think “WD suks!!!” is the kind of “helpful post” the kudo system is designed to indicate to others.

I haven’t encountered very many people who put much weight into any of the kudo numbers.

But… whatever makes you feel good, I guess…

Huh…didn’t know the Ideas kudos contributed to that number. Now I have no real way of measuring how liked or disliked I am here. My only option now is to assume I am just an l_-_l.