Remove Old (invalid) Network Shares

I have a WDTV Live Plus connected to a server.  I  have 4 drives connected to the server and shared to the WDTV.  I recently changed the drive letters and names of the shares, but the WDTV still shows them as active.  It shows the current share names AND the old share names, so there are 8 shares instead of just 4.

How can I remove the old shares?


Just reboot your WDTV.

If they appear AFTER a reboot, then it’s your PC that’s doing it.  

Paste the output of the command:

net view [pc name]



C:\Users\Tony>net view neptune
Shared resources at neptune

Share name Type Used as Comment

EPSON WorkForce 1100 Series Print EPSON WorkForce 1100 Series
iP4600 Print Canon Inkjet iP4600 series
iTunes Disk
My Photos Disk
Project Files Disk
Users Disk