Remove installed drive from EX2 without plastic pull tab

I am replacing my EX2 with a different NAS, and I need to remove the 4TB drive that’s in there so I can put it in the new housing. However, I guess I didn’t read the manual when I bought the EX2, and I installed the drive without attaching the plastic pull tab to it.

I’ve taken off the top bracket, but my fingers can’t get a grip on the drive to pull it out, without the tab. I don’t need this EX2 any more so I’m happy to disassemble it if I have to, I need that drive back, but does anyone know where to start?

I think the first step should be to remove the cross-brace that sits between the two drives, with ‘drive 1’ and ‘drive 2’ on it, but I’ll have to get a right-angled screwdriver from somewhere.

Leaving this here in case anyone has made the same mistake, and finds it:

I undid the two black screws visible when you open the top of the device, which gave me some ability to wiggle the plastic surround that these two screws were securing. From there, I was able to separate the curved front fascia of the device (the part which goes all the way around two sides and the front, and has ‘WD MyCloud EX2’ printed on the front) and remove it without any further unscrewing. It’s just clipped in, and can be pulled off with some force.

Once this is off, you have access to pretty much everything, and I was able to undo more screws, get the crossbrace off and gently remove the drive by pushing it with my thumbs.

I would NOT recommend this for anyone who wants to keep using the EX2 afterwards. Pretty sure bits of the plastic are bent now, and I’m not 100% convinced all of the internal connections will still work.

You could have just used a bent coat hanger hook in the top back screw hole (or a piece of string around the screw if it was there). Ask me how i know! :neutral_face: