Remove home network gear team. Get rid of "My Net" (which devalues your brand) from market

Maybe you guys are already doing this, that’s why these WD My Net 900HD and My Net Range Extender are selling for so cheap.

I am one of those victims that bought both of these gear thinking WD is a good brand from past good experience with your HDD. After trying these gear for couple days, I now realize I made a horrible mistake.

I even placed a laptop cooler and additional fan for WD My Net 900HD, and sometimes the html interface dies, sometimes it’s the wifi that can be seen but not connected, or some kind of whacky things happen. The router needs reboot several times a week. I then openned up my WD Range Extender, make it a wired AP, that also stops serving internet after just one night, although the devices are still connected to it. Come on, you guys can’t even get a simple AP done right. You seriously need to boot the whole project.

By the way, it’s not a configuration/user error either. I updated to latest firmware + factory reset. Didn’t help. I tried several different versions of firmwares, that also didn’t help. I sent my 900HD for replacement, but I know it won’t do anything becuase it’ll be replaced by another poorly programed 900HD router.

There’s no excuse. Look on the internet for user reviews and complaints. Did you guys bribe all the professional reviewers out there giving free HDDs or something? Wireless routers are not supposed to be rebooted several times a week. Even my refurbished Cisco e2000 only needed rebooting once in 6-12 months.

Just for reference I used to be a big WD networking hater.  This is due to stability, speed, lockup, reboots, etc… You name it.  I found that after one year of pulling my hair out, my antique cable modem was to blame.  I had an old school time Warner cable docsis v1.0 modem.  I took it back and replaced with a docsis v2.0, and now a 3.0.

I have over 8 months of uptime, only reset due to power outages or other tinkering by myself.  I admit that there WAS issues with the router.  However, I went from the biggest hater, to a WD lover.  So much that I apologized publicly here on this forum.  I am not saying your problems are modem related, I am simply stating that the WD router is “sensitive” to the modem for some reason.  Try to swap the modem out, just a thought.

I do agree that WD rushed the router to the market, I do agree that WD had issues, and I do agree that I wanted to put the router in a blender, but my modem was to blame in the end.