Remove Hidden Partition (VCR)

Hi, first post so be kind please :slight_smile: I have an external 2Tb WD Passport drive and it may be the way I am wording it, but I can’t seem to get the message across to the tech line.

I’d like to delete the partition with the WD Unlocking software on, so I can run the drive on my TV for movies, without interference from the software etc. They keep sending me links for low level formatting but the below message is attached!

Important: If the hard drive includes a Western Digital Virtual CD-Rom (VCD) drive, this partition will not be removed by performing a low-level format on the drive.

How can I move this forward please so my drive effectively acts as a clean USB?

Thank you…

You can’t remove ie. delete it from the hard drive … but you can disable it.

Thanks Josie but there doesn’t appear to be a settings tab on the WD SmartWare! This is a direct downlaod from the website, plus firmware upgrade…

I can’t upload the pdf for a picture, as I’m a new user - any ideas!!!


Sorry Joey :roll_eyes:

So, both methods did not work ?

with WD Smartware and …without using it (ie. using VCD Manager for Windows)