Remove hdd from black2

How do I disable the HDD? I need to expand my windows partition in the SDD to fill it and dont want the partition software to use any of the HDD



Can you please provide more information about your question? That will allow the users on the community to understand your question.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Sure I have a black2 hybrid. I want to disable the hardrive potion of the drive and leave the ssd enabled. Why ? Because I want to expand the windows partition to fill the SSD and not use any of the HDD. My partition software only sees the drive as one drive not two and there is no way to differentiate between the two unless one is disabled.

I tried to use the installation software WD provides to uninstall it but it does not give me that option as it should.

Pablosan, you may be talking about two different drives. There is a Black2 and then there is a Black Hybrid. These are two different drives and use different software. A Black2 is the SSD + HDD and should have two parititons when the Black2 software is installed. The other drive is the Black SSHD hybrid. This drive will only show up as one drive/partition.

Do you have the drive model number? We should be able to use the model to determine what drive you have or the name is printed on the drive label.

Its the Black 2 128 SSD 1TB HDD

I understand that 8 gigs isreserved leaving only 120

Problem is with my parition software I not seeing the whole 120 on the SSD ( see screenshot )

I cant find the other 20 gigs of my SSD. The first 5 partitions dont take 120 gigs and leave no room to expand my windows OS. I thought it may be the last partition but the sector location is at the end of the disk.

I wiped the whole thing clean. Re-installed from my backup with one key recovery and I still cant find the 20 gigs.


  Also its reporting my drive size incorrectly.

Image 2

When I try using the included software I get this

Then this 

So thats no help at all !!!

What I’m trying to do is isolate the SSD portion of th drive so I can expand my windows patition to use the rest of the 120 Gigs. And I have no idea why the drive sizes are wrong. Its the same in Windows Disk management.

There should not be that many partitions on the drive after a fresh install of Windows, did you do an install of the OS using a recovery CD? It may be easier to contact our support and reference this post so they can see the images and help you resolve the issue. Please see the contact info below.

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