Remove from startup macOS Catalina

I have just wiped my old imac ready for sale but every time I restart my old device it appears in finder locations and in the storage device list? I really need to move this for security reasons. I did a complete factory reset and format and the support for this is dire, please help?

Secondary, I can’t seem to be able to access/mount it on my new imac using Big Sur?

Within the online settings there doesn’t seem to be any control over device access? I did have major questions marks over the security of this MyCloud Home device when I first purchased it and now its come to bite me in the rear for not replacing it sooner.

Any help would be great, thanks


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud Home Setup and Configuration

This may seem obvious, but have you tried the web app settings options of ‘detach from this device’ from your old imac?
WD Discovery for big sur is probably broken right now, but then again, WD says WDD is supported up to macOS 10.15.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. When I went into the disk utility (old imac) it was showing as an additional drive. In the end I deleted the drive and re-formatted the system. Which seems to have fixed the problem on the old machine. It would however be nice to access it from Big Sur (new imac).

My QNAP network drive has no issues, so it is a real pain to have this problem with WD.