Remove computer from MioNet?

Hi all,  I’m hoping for a little help.

Issue: Only want to see the actual  \Share when using the MioNet web client.  I’d rather not have or use the “Control Remote PC, Online Meeting, Share Photos, etc.” via the MioNet Web interface.   Actually, I’m really only interested in the feature of accessing a specific share named something like Demos which I’ll place presentations in for access from the road.

Question: Does anyone have any idea how to remove a workstation so that it doesn’t appear while using the MioNet Web client ?  When I attempt to remove the computer from within the MioNet Workstation Client (version -  [File/Remove Client and choose the computer(there’s only one)  I want to remove], I get the following error message:    "You cannot remove this computer since you are currently using MioNet.  You must un-install MioNet (deskop client)  from this computer.  button.

This makes sense however, I don’t want to install the desktop client on another workstation so I can remove the first workstation and then have the second computer appear in the “My Resources” tab within the MioNet Web client.

Thanks for any help

You won’t be able to clear those at all.  The best way to do it is to create another MioNet account as another user (you will need another email address to do so), and share that folder to that other account.  Then, use that account when you’re on the road to access your folder.