Remove "Additional Files" excess old data?

I am finding that my WD Passport Elite is either saving too many copies of “old” files, or saving “Additional files” such that I have almost half of my HDD Full of backups that I can not seem to remove; to the tune of 189GB.

I have not really got that much data saved in my system as a whole, so I suspect that much of this is excess backups of data that just doesn’t need to be saved. I initially had my saved volume at “5 Copies” of Documents… but suspect it is saving “5 Copies” of EVERYTHING…?

I already reloaded my data some time ago, and removed Outlook/Email from the data stream… since it was saving everything in that file designation. So I deleted the entire backup and began again without the email included. Now I just have the basic folders covered in my backup profile… but I seem to be building backup to excessive data again, and can’t seem to find any way to delete those “Old” files, or out dated backups… There is no reason for my system to be holding on to three times my Base Data Volume, and not allow me to manage these files.

You can change the backup version to just one file.