Removable 3.5" drive system for carry on luggage

Hi there,
When traveling abroad I’m having difficulty carrying around many external drive enclosures. The G-RAID enclosures add a lot of size and weight. It would help me out a lot to pack a load of bare drives into a light, padded drive hard case and add just one enclosure to my checked in luggage.

I have considered taking the drives out of my G-DRIVE enclosures. That’s fine except it voids the warranty and is not very convenient.

With a G-RAID, aside from swapping the mounting rails, can I configure the enclosure as JBOD and use a variety of 10TB HGST disks in it, just like a Drive Dock? Would this be a problem at all?

I don’t actually need RAID, preferring single drives, though, a 6-8 drive Shuttle would allow me to do something like this. Can this be set to JBOD mode?

Advice welcome. (I go for the Helium drives for their reliability and TB3 as its what’s on my macs)

Many thanks.

Our current G-RAID models that are removable allow the conversion to JBOD so you can swap them for this purpose.

Thanks for the advice.