Remotely accessible network drives in Windows Explorer

I just got a new My Cloud Mirror and was able to add my “Public” Folder and another Folder I’ve named “Backups” as network drives in the Windows Explorer. I have my iTunes Library in the “Public” drive. While I’m at home, I can access that drive without any problems, iTunes also works just fine.
When I’m not at home though, I can’t get any access to these drives, as their address ist stored via the local IP address (the one starting with 192.168…). This also causes iTunes to not find my iTunes library. How can I make these network drives accessible remotely? I already tried to enable Cloud access on my My Cloud Mirror, following the WD Support guide, but that does not seem to have worked.

Hello Strupp1

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

In general, remote access to a home server is discouraged. You should NOT expose your data, or your network devices, to the outside - vulnerabilities in today’s ever-growing software stack pop up every other day, and no manufacturer is able to fix them immediately, especially if it means bugging the user about it (most users are still against updates, think it makes their devices slow, et cetera).

What you can do, however, is to create a VPS in your local network, where a device connecting in can access the server. Many higher-end routers have such a function built-in, and usually it comes with a nice user-friendly UI with a guide to set it up. Then all you need to do to access your iTunes library is to connect to the VPN and voila, you’re part of your home network, while away.