Remote working but no response

A couple of days ago, my WD tv live stopped responding to the remote.

I changed batteries and checked with my cell camera that the IR is emitting light.

I upgraded the firmware to the most recent available, but still don’t get any response. I can control the unit through the remote app, but to do this I have to connect my ethernet cable, since I don’t have a wifi dongle.

The unit is pretty old and out of warranty. Do you have any suggestion?

I assume that you have not moved the player into a different position where more light is falling on it. 

Have you checked to make sure there are no other remotes stuck in the on position.

Have tried operating the remote right up close to the player.

You could try a factory reset and unplugging the player for some minutes.

You could use a USB keyboard etc.

You could attempt to get a USB WiFi adaptor.

If you know anybody with a WD player you could borrow their remote to see if that is the problem. If it was, you would only have to buy a relatively cheap remote. It can be any WD player as they all use the same IR codes.