Remote Web Access

I have a hard time setting up WD DX4000 for remote Internet access. I have AT&T DSL service and use D-Link DIR-655 Gigabit Wireless N Router. I need some advice, please!

Check page 38 of the manual.

Thank you for the reply. By that is where I found the problem, setting up WDserver for the remote web access. Is it possible that a AT&T blocks the port? Anyone with AT&T DSL service has any success?

So first of all, I am assuming that you’ve already tried to run the Remote Web Access setup wizard from Dashoard --> Server settings.

Assuming doing so you got some error message that your router coudn’t be configured, you need to make sure:

a) if your router supporst UPnP, it is enabled before you run Router Setup Wizard.

b)  If your router doesn’t support UPnP then you’ll have to manually set port forwarding to point your external IP’s port 443 to your Sentinel’s IP address.

Check out this, it seems that this guy is using the same router. Remote Web Access for WHS 2011 works the same way it does for Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials, the OS powering WD Senitnel.


When you run the remote access wiz, you get any errors? if so what?