Remote Web Access Problem

Something was reset on my Server recently.
Now my Remote Web Access is not working. I am told that “The Password for your domain name service provide user account is not correct”

Sorry to say - I am so confused by all the passwords I need for accessing things these days. I don’t understand specifically what password and username it is looking for.

It had been working fine for a while (over a year?). I’m also getting the UPnP is not enabled. I don’t want to enable this. I believe I have port forwarding set up correctly - as I’ve remotely accessed my server and computers before.

do not worry about UPnP just make sure 443 and 80 are forwarded to the ip of your server.

Guess I need a screenshot, where do you get this error?

I had UPnP turned off, just turned it on, appears to be working now.

Sorry - not sure what went wrong, and not sure what fixed it. But it now works.

Hi kguarnotta ,

Well UpnP should be turn on in order to access the drive remotely and also make sure that remote access is enabled. We’re glad that it is working fine now.

Thank You!

The thing is, I had my port forwarding set up, and had been accessing it remotely without UpnP turned on.

Hi kguarnotta ,

May be there could have been restriction from ISP or from other device using the same port due to which you were facing issues.

Wow, this remote web access thing seems to get harder and harder.
It had been working fine for a while. But today I try doing it - and I am told the firewall is blocking access to the network.

Unfortunately I don’t figure this stuff out until I am away from my desktop, so I can’t do anything to fix it, until I get back to my office in 5 days.

I wonder if it has something to do with a windows update - I think historically this always causes problems.

Sorry - maybe it is a remotewebaccess thing? It appears as though is down.