Remote Web Access Issues


Having an issue getting remote web access configured. It was actually working for a while, so I know it’s capable, but now it seems to have a snag.

I have port 443 forwarded in our DIR-655 router. 

Using the wizard, the server configured the router automatically and successfully. It says the remote web access is running just fine.

If I connect to the local IP address it works just fine and shows the remote login screen. If I put in our dynamic dns address or our external ip address it times out and doesn’t connect.

Any ideas what I might try here? I’ll be happy to provide any further information needed.

For whatever reason, *sometimes* when  you try to access Remote Web Acecess using the "public domain name while you are in the local network, it doesn’t always resolve. If your dashboard isn’t showing any remote web access configuration errors such as Router error etc then try to access the same URL from outside of your network and it should work.

Hope this helps.


As Vineet says some routers do not “loopback” for a poor choice of words.  So any remote testing needs to be done from afar.  Logmein works very well to tweak the DX from afar while you are testing.

So either:

The IP changed for your DX and now 443 is going the wrong place

Your dynamic IP is not updated

If you only forward 443 then from afar you must type https

From afar try https://public ip  Remote to desktops will not work with IP, but you should get everything else.